Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Don't Think I'm Republican Anymore

I'm way behind on my local primary races coming up in less than a month.

I wasn't even sure who all was running for Governor or U.S. Senator. So...I researched.

Then it happened. I don't like any of them.

Have I become a liberal? Egad! Have I become a libertarian? Am I that crazy? I know I've drifted from the orthodoxy, but am I left to vote for no one?

Anyway, it seems I've become a bit of an issue man.

Immigration - all for it. Open the doors. We are already keeping globally for labor whether we like it or not. Let them come here and pay taxes.

Gay marriage - bring it on. The government doesn't get to say who or how we love. The government has been promoting families for decades but why does Congress get decide what a family is? They don't. They shouldn't. Leave people alone already!

Death penalty - no thanks. Again, I don't trust the government or it's lawyers or all the money or lack of money.

Abortion - I'm not an activist for pro-life. I'm sort of indifferent. My hackles don't get stirred about baby killing. I don't care. Yes. I don't care. You heard me.

Obamacare - is stupid. Health insurance is stupid. The way we buy health care is stupid. Even with insurance, health care isn't affordable. And we are all still fat and out of shape.

Maybe I am libertarian. Maybe I'm longing for my valley in the remotest of spots to start my own colony of strivers. Where are you John Galt?

My biggest problem is that I once could overlook a few issues for the sake of the ideal of smaller government. However, the Republicans keep growing government just as fast as the Democrats, maybe faster. I can hardly tell the difference between the Bush presidency and the Obama presidency.

All the Republican candidates sound the same. None of them sound like me.

What's a man to do?

Modern Whig Party. Maybe...


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