Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm not sending an incumbent Democrat to DC.

Why I can not and will not vote to send an incumbent Democrat back to Washington this year. The last few years, the only approval numbers that were consistently lower than President Bush's numbers, are those of the Democrat controlled Congress.
There are a lot of issues facing America right now that need to be dealt with and I can not vote to put a man in the white house who has refused to deal with them while he has been in the Senate. One of these issues is Social Security.
Say what you will about President Bush, because you will anyway and most of it will just be mash rhetoric that is primarily unfactual and extremely vitriol, but President George W Bush has tried to tackle a good number of the issues facing our Nation, and the Democrats have refused to come to the table. One of these issues was Social Security. President Bush raised the issue of fixing Social Security so that it does not bankrupt the nation. He asked both sides to put forth ideas. For decades the Democrats have been railing about how Social Security is going bankrupt and needs to be fixed. Here was their chance. The Republican President is willing to play ball. Did the Democrats seize the opportunity? No. Not in the least. There were several ideas/plans proposed. Were any of them from the Democrats? NO! NOT EVEN ONE! Instead all they did was complain about the plans that were proposed. Here was their opportunity to accomplish one of their priorities, and they wouldn't even, in fact refused, to show up. Strike 1.
Next let's talk about education. We all know that America desperately needs to do something with our education system. Our ranking has been falling globally for years. We are headed into an information economy where an exceptional education is a must for every American, we need to step up the level of education our kids are getting and yet, and nothing is being done to turn up the heat. President Bush and, oh yeah did you forget Sen. Ted Kennedy put forth the 'No Child Left Behind' initiative. If you listen to just about anyone they will tell you what a disaster it is, and they will blame the disaster on President Bush and the Republicans. Yet has there been one single proposal from the Democrats? Nope. Do they ever even mention that they had a hand in it? If there was something so blatantly wrong, they should have worked to fix it when they were sponsoring it. Instead they want to blame President Bush and those terrible Republicans rather than take responsibility and actually do something constructive. Strike 2.
One of the next big issues is health care. The democrats have had control of congress for some time now. That means they set the agenda. They decide what bills get slated, what bills get heard, and what bills get voted on. Have we seen any bills on health care, or prescription drugs? Nope. Have we seen or heard anyone proposing to fight to protect the drug patents for American drug companies, so that their drugs aren't stolen and manufactured in other countries. This prevents these companies from recouping their investment in the research, development and testing of their drugs. When other countries don't honor patents that means that the companies have to charge higher prices here, where the patent is honored, so that they can continue to do business. Have you heard any democrats... excuse me. Have you seen any Democrats do anything about these issues? No? Me neither. Strike 3.
Not that I want to seem tough on crime, but I do want to seem tough on politicians. I believe we elect our representatives to go to Washington to work on these and other issues facing America, not to work on getting re-elected. If we send them to Washington to accomplish something, and they don't do anything, then I quote someone, "Vote the bums out!"

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